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Ancona Group ltd is a modern furniture factory located in the eastern part of Croatia, in town Đakovo. It is operating in it’s own factory, on 10.000 sqm of internal workspace of offices, production and installation, 5.000 sqm of warehouse and external space of 15.000 sqm. Our techonology is very sofisticated and carefully selected to be able to produce in high quality all of our range of products; from very simple furniture items, to complexed and by quality and design very demanding ones. Most of our 140 employees are young people with enthusiasm, knowledge and persistence making our products and company totally different then our competitors; always willing and ready to hear, feel and respect customer’s demands and desires.


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About us

Technology, passion, future…


Always striving to achive the best possible product, use of modern technology, quality materials and qualified personnel allows the company to produce a first class product able to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning clients. Individual furniture design, made-to-measure products and rapid deliveries demand intelligent production processes. Our strength lies in three basic principles: technology, passion, future, which interpolate with each other.